90+ Years of Experience at Work for You!


” My clients include not only retail traders but professionals, major hedge funds, billion dollar internationally known banks, hedgers and major brokerage houses.”

Jake Bernstein 

90+ Years of Experience at Work for You!


” Over the years I have been a speaker at over 800 seminars and conferences all over the world.”

Jake Bernstein  

90+ Years of Experience at Work for You!


” My work is specific, objective, clear and precise. I place NO value in any method that requires interpretation, opinions or perception – they are subjective and not likely to work.”

Jake Bernstein  

90+ Years of Experience at Work for You!


Trade setups include:

  • LIVE on-going Weekly EDUCATIONAL Webinars
  • Full ACCESS to the Codes –  NO black box systems
  • Pre- Built Chart TEMPLATES                                          

 and much more……

Jake Bernstein’s Trade Setups are verified through objective mathematical criteria.


 No guesswork, no interpretation, just the numbers.


What we offer – The complete package

All Trade-Setups include:


  • Pre-Built Chart Templates for each trade-setup
  • Including all Indicators with correct settings
  • Strategies coded to Jake’s Exact Specifications
  • A clearly defined risk management method
  • A specific entry price
    • Single-Entry – Single Exit Strategy
    • Single Entry w/ Multiple Exits Strategy***
    • A profit maximizing strategy
      • Full Access To The Codes – NO Black Box Systems
      • 24/7 Access To Members Exclusive Video Tutorials
      • 24/7 Access To Members Only Forum
      • Lifetime Updates On All Indicators and Strategies
        • One Price gives You Access to All Indicators and Strategies on All Major Trading Platforms***
        • We will be adding Jake’s Trade-Setups on every Major Trading-Platform


        ***Depending on each Trading Platforms Capabilities

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        Contact Info:

        (888) 280-0795

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